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I collect stamps.I collect postage s are collected at the s taken at the gather.A crowd collected around the scene of the the scene a crowd had to collect oneself compose was confused at first, but collected himself hesitated for a moment, but then recovered collect one’s thoughts gather your me a chance to collect my me a chance to gather my When is the mail collected here? When there is the letters? • In spite of the danger, he remained calm and e the danger, he kept calm and tion library has a remarkable collection of books on library has a wonderful collection of books about mail collection collections are at 9:00 A. M. and 3:00 P.

M. the letters is at nine o’clock and three e University (high there a college in this town? There in this University? □ college student of college students come is a lot of colony.I didn’t know that country had so many colonies.I didn’t know that this country has so many summer colony s a large summer colony near s a lot of the have this pattern in several have this model in different What color eyes does she have? What color are her eyes? • wants the walls colored wants the walls were painted the be pretty if her color weren’t would be horoshenkaya, if not for the bad color of the The news in that paper is generally in this newspaper is very The flower added color to the s enliven the colored n can recognize the house by its white can find this house by its white Whose statue is on top of that column? Whose statue stands at the top of this column? — The soldiers marched in a column of rs marched in columns of post.I wonder where that column of smoke comes from.I would like to know where this column of find it in the third column of the second will find this on the second page in the third column on foreign affairs appears in twenty articles on foreign policy regularly appear in twenty comb, comb.I

  • left my comb on the dresser
  • I left my comb on the dressing have honey in jars but not in have honey in jars, comb to comb your hair needs combing
  • I need to comb my had to comb the city to find had to scour the entire town to find We are combing out the difficulties one by have to solve one difficulty after ation the color combination isn’t becoming to is not this color the only ones who know the combination to the we know the combination lock to the My reasons for resigning are a combination of many reasons for my resignation are quite e v combine
  • n combine (came, come) come, not come and have supper with us tonight
  • Why don’t you come have supper with us tonight
  • — I think we’ll be able to come to an understanding soon
  • I think we will soon be able to reach to did he come to town
  • When he came to town
  • • in
  • Come in
  • □ to come about to did all this come about
  • How did this all happen
  • to come after come come after my passport

came for my

come along to go I come along with you? Can I go (along) with you? • to is your work coming along? How is your work coming along? to come around to was very sick but is coming around was very sick, but is now slowly come retired ten years ago but is now trying to come back.

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